Setting up your Matchmaking Preferences is essential! To make the boarding process as simple as possible, we pass on a long questionary during sing up.

Right after opening your Flirteezy account, you should setup your Matchmaking Preferences immediately to get the right Flirts for you! Just follow the link to setup your Matchmaking Preferences.

There you can specify some details of the person you are looking for to get a perfect match. Just remember, you are not in a grocery store, being too demanding is counterproductive. People are not sets of features.

After setting up your preferences you will see some suggestions for matching users. You can get in touch with them quick and easily via our Messenger feature. You will see the compatibility of every user from now below their profile pictures.

You can specify the following details:

  1. Distance from your location
  2. Ethnicity: Asian, Black, Arab, Indian, Hispanic, White, Mixed, Other
  3. Body Type
  4. Tattoos
  5. Hair Color
  6. Smoking
  7. Drinking