To verify your Flirteezy profile is always a good idea. This indicates other users that you are a real person matching with your profile pictures. You will likely get much more attention from other users if you are verified. The verification feature is free and available for all membership levels! This way we want to keep the quality of Flirteezy profiles high and make it a safe and fun dating environment!

If you are verified, the verified badge will appear in your profile. This indicates, that you are a real person matching with your profile pics. The badge is clearly visible in your profile and a real eyecatcher. 

How to get verified?!

Getting verified is a simple and straightforward process. It wont take longer than 2 minutes! You will find the request for verification in your dashboard, your profile and message inbox. Just click "GetStarted" and the verification process begins.

Please paint your verification code on your body or a piece of paper and take a picture of yourself showing your face and your verification code in the same picture. Upload the picture, a moderator is going to review your picture as soon as possible. Photoshopped pictures are not allowed and will be rejected. 

The reviewing time is usually not longer than several minutes, in some cases up to 24 hours.

Getting verified on mobile app:

If you are on mobile, just browse to your profile, click on your profile image, click the verification link and follow the verification instructions right below your profile image!